Friday, July 23, 2010

Workout Quickies

Yesterday,I was traveling across the country to visit family. What fun that is! :)Needless to say, it is hard to get in a workout. I did manage to get in a quick 10 minute cardio workout and a 15 minute yoga workout before heading to bed. It made me think, how many of us end up skipping a workout because we think we do not have time? The ACSM states that 10 minute quick bouts of exercise accumulated throughout the day is just as effective as 30 minutes of continuous exercise. The ACSM recommends atleast 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day. Moderate is defined as anything that causes you to break a sweat or elevate your heart rate. So, here are some quick 10 minute workout ideas:
*If you have more time you can string them together to make a longer workout.

1. Yoga Sun Salutations
You can do 5-6 Sun A Salutations and 5-6 Sun B Salutations. This can be a great yoga routine if you are not sure of how to string some poses together. Sun Salutions have some of everything!

See picture at the top for what these look like.
2. Stairs at the office: Perform some stair intervals at work. Speeding up to the top and jogging down. Add some Jumping Jacks or Pushups at the bottom if you want more.
3. Run around the block with speed intervals. Jog or walk around your block and every 30 seconds add in a 10 second sprint. This really gets your heart rate up.
4. 1 minute each of: squats, push-ups (maybe modified to your knees), plank, double crunches (bring knees to chest and chest to knees, and lunges. Repeat again!
5. House circuit: 20 reps of each:Soup can or dumbell aquat and overhead press, Bicep curl with lunge, couch tricep dips, prone body lifts (lay on an ottoman with your toes tucked on the edge or your kid/partner holding your legs and lower and lift your chest, kid presses (lower and lift your kid while laying supine on the floor (chest press)if you don't have a kid the anything heavy you have laying around will work, Soup can or dumbell reverse flys (sit on a chair with your chest bent towards your legs and lifts arms out to the side like airplane wings. Repeat until 10 min is up!

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