Monday, July 12, 2010

Bodyweight Circuit

Now that the weather is nice here in Portland, what better way to get a workout in than to be outside in the sun? You can soak up some vitamin D as well as enjoy the fresh air. You don't need anything for this workout but you! Try this workout in the park, around your neighborhood or anywhere you like.
Jog 1 minute/Power Walk 1 minute **alternate this for about 6 minutes to warm up

Walking Lunges x 20 *Try this up a hill or down a hill for a fun challenge
Mountain climbers x 20 *Tap your toes if you don't want to jump
Push ups x 10 *Drop to your knees or use a park bench for your hand to modify
Side plank leg lifts ( Use a park bench or a chair for your hand to rest, feet on the floor and stacked, lift and lower your top leg for 1 minute)
Tricep dips x20
Side Plank leg lifts (other side)
Skips (Bring back memories and skip like a kid) 1 minute
Chair or Bench 1 leg squats x 1o per leg (Lifting one leg in front and keeping the other leg on the ground, sit back onto the chair without touching down and then raise back up to a stand. Stay balancing on one leg!)
Crab Crawls (crawl like a crab..look for a hill, you are on all 4's with your chest facing the sky) 1 minute
Laydown stand up (no hands! lay down and then stand back is harder than it sounds) x20
Sprints * Take off for a fast 100 yard dash and then or walk for an active recovery (30 seconds)-3 minutes total
Lateral Lunges x 20 (lunge side to side)
Plank to forearm plank x10 (start in plank and come down to your elbows for forarm plank while trying to keep your body still)

Repeat as many times as you can! Bring along some water!

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