Friday, July 23, 2010

Total Body Challenge- Home Workout

I did this workout this morning and felt it was challenging yet fun. There are no gyms near where we are so I am left with my imagination and a big yard. I did this in 10 minute blocks so along the same lines as the "Work out Quickies" post you could do just 1 block and call it good. I had more time so for me the whole, workout took an hour with stretching. I needed a good workout after sitting on a plane and riding in a car the previous day. Enjoy! Let me know if you have any questions!

Warm-up: Jog around the block. On the way back, add in 10 second sprints every 15 seconds. Total time around 7-10 minutes.

Circuit #1: Legs, Legs, Legs
Suicide Sprints on the driveway x1 (Pick 4 points along a straight path, evenly spaced. Sprint to the first point and back to the start, sprint to the second point and back to the start and so on.)
Walking Lunges with Rocks up and back the driveway (you could use soup cans or dumbells)
* Repeat this for 10 minutes. I think we did it twice.
** For an extra arm challenge: Add overhead press with the lunges up the driveway, and a bicep curl down the driveway.

#2 Cardio Blast
30 seconds of burpees followed by 30 sec of pushups followed by 30 sec recovery
30 seconds of mountain climbers followed by 30 seconds of tricep dips, 30 sec recovery
30 seconds of Jumping Jacks followed by 30 seconds of lower trap dips (similar to tricep dips, but you do not bend your elbow, just let you shoulders come towards youe ears and then press them dowm, 30 sec recovery

#3 Lateral Moving
30 seconds yard side shuffles/ 30 seconds of side leg lifts in side plank/30 seconds hold the top leg up. * We used a bench for this.
Repeat with other leg leading
High Heel Jogs around the house (jog with heels to butt)/30 seconds of 1-leg squats
High Knee Jogs around the house/Plank with knees in toward chest (1 leg)

1 minute of Double Crunches
*with the plank you can come to all fours if you wanted. Really squeeze the kneee in as if you had a hook you were trying to loop around a hole in the middle of your chest


I did my favorite yoga poses for a nice stretch. Target all your big muscles like quads, hamstrings, glutes, etc.

Drink some water and enjoy a good workout!

Email me if you have any questions.

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