Friday, July 16, 2010

Post-Workout Nutrition

Have you ever had a great workout only to find that you are energy zapped the next day? Ensuring that you have the proper recovery snack after a workout can be key to ensuring you are ready for your next workout. Here are some great tips for your snack:
  • Go for high glycemic index carbs: These will enter the bloodstream faster. Examples include bananas, mushy fruit and honey. Research has shown that 0.8g o carbs per 1kg of body weight is recommended for speeding up muscle carb replenishment while preventing excess fat after 1 hour of intense exercise.
  • Include a protein: To stop muscles from wasting away, researchers suggest 0.4g of protein per 1 kg of body weight after exercise. You can adjust this number up or down depending on how hard you exercised.
  • Eat as soon as you finish working out!: If you wait too long, carbohydrate replenishment and protein repair are compromised. You will get the biggest return on your efforts this way.
  • Keep it fat free or low fat. This will help you digest the carbs quickly and more effectively.
  • Grab a shake. A liquid meal is easier to digest and can be fully digested within 30-60 minutes. A solid meal may take 2-3 hours. When you exercise, your digestive system takes a break in order to fuel your muscles.

Note these recommendations are for healthy, lean individuals. If you are overweight or trying to lose weight then consult a health care provider or nutritionist.

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** To calculate your body weight in kg, multiply your weight in pounds by .45. For example, a 100 lb person would weight 45 kg. This person would want a snack of 36 g of carbs (45x.8) and 18g (45x.4) of protein.

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