Sunday, February 19, 2012

Yoga Retreat May 2012 Update

Deadline for my May Tulum 2012 Yoga Retreat is March 17th. After that date I cannot guarantee that there will be space at the location. I hope some of you who are considering joining me will consider taking the leap!Event details can be found on the "Events" link.

Some people recently have asked me..why go on a yoga retreat? What are the benefits? What do you do all
Here is a typical day on the retreat...
Wake up to a beautiful sunrise and fresh ocean breeze around 7:30 and come down to the breakfast area for hot tea or coffee as you journal, take a walk, read a book or just stare into the blue ocean about 100 yards away. We will do a meditation session daily on the beach. This is optional of course.

Around 8:15a we will have a morning yoga practice in an open air studio overlooking the ocean. The practice will be anywhere from 60-90 minutes. Then we will stroll downstairs to a beautiful spread of delicious, local and healthy food. Breakfast at Amansala is to die for. There are so many choices that you will want it all but it is all healthy so go for it!

Then you have free time all day to relax at the beach, ride a bike into town and look around, snorkel, play in the ocean, nap, you name it!!! Lunch is served around 1p and again it is healthy and refreshing. Drinks are available oceanside all day if that appeals to you. :) One day we will offer a field trip somewhere fun.

Around 5p, we will have another afternoon practice for about 60 minutes again. This can be skipped if you are having too much fun...doing something else. After the practice, you can change and shower or head on down to dinner. It is a large spread of all kinds of options that will suit anyone's tastes. They offer vegetarian options at each meal. Dessert is something not to be missed...and did I mention they offer a drink of the day which is some equisite tea or juice of some kind!

After dinner some nights we will have an activity like salsa dancing or drumming if you are interested. We also will have a restorative nighty night practice to send you to bed all blissed out!

Then you wake up and pinch yourself and do it again!!!!

Are you sold yet? The pro is that you have all the activities and yoga that you could want and yet it is all a choice for you to decide how much you want. The con is that time will fly by and you will contemplate quitting your job and becoming a beach yoga bum. No doubt!

Email me with questions. Efficiency accomodations are still available!

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