Sunday, February 26, 2012

My favorite Easy Bean Bowl Recipe

I am usually on the go so quick, healthy meals are the best for me. This is my favorite bowl that is inspired from my favorite little restaurant, The Clearing Cafe in NW Portland on Thurman. Try their bowl and it is the best $7 you will spend for lunch! If you have time stop in the Dragontree Spa next door for an amazing foot bath after...I digress..

-I love black rice with it but you can use brown rice (cooked)
-Can of whatever beans you beans, kidney beans, garbanzo, etc
-Fresh spinach or kale steamed quickly or raw
-Can of black olives
-Salsa (I prefer fresh) or you can use chopped tomoates
-1 avocado
-T of sour cream if you are going with Mexican theme or salad dressing of choice, I love a lemon ginger
How to throw it all together:
-Cook the rice in your rice cooker (seriously, invest in one and you will love to have rice again)
-Steam the spinach or kale. Note that if the rice is really hot it will sometimes steam the kale and spinach for you!
-Chop tomatoes if you are not using salsa
-Slice avocado
-Layer kale and or spinach, rice, 1/3 c beans, handful of olives, salsa, 1/2 avocado, and top with sour cream (sparingly of course)
Of course you can add whatever else you like in addition to my suggestions. Use what you have! This is a great comfort type food packed with nutrient dense ingredients!Enjoy!

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