Friday, February 24, 2012

4 Foods Every Woman Should Be Eating

By Angelina Helene

While there are endless amount of healthy fruits and vegetables that should make up a healthy diet there are certain foods that standout as "superstars" in that they target specific conditions. One area every woman should be concerned with is HORMONAL Imbalance. Most doctors are quick to prescribe pills to combat this but there is a safer alternative (and cheaper!) -- many foods hold the solution. The four foods below should be included weekly if not daily to support estrogen balance for women of any age.

1. Cruciferous Veggies - Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage and Cauliflower are the BEST. They defend against female cancers, especially Breast Cancer. The indoles found in cruciferous veggies inactivate the active form of estrogen making them weaker. Also found to have enzymes that de-activate carcinogens and contain compounds that suppress tumors and halt cancer cell growth. One caveat though – women with hypothyroid should eat cruciferous veggies cooked as in their raw form they can inhibit the uptake of thyroid hormone. Quick recipe tip – Slow Roast fresh broccoli stalks with a sprinkle of olive oil, sea salt and crushed garlic – even broccoli haters will be tempted to try this one.

2. Fiber Rich Foods – Whole Grains in unprocessed forms and Beans are needed to “sweep” out excess toxins – including excess hormones. Perfect choices are Brown Rice, Quinoa, Lentils, Split Peas and Garbanzos. Choose dry beans over canned to eliminate preservatives and BPA (found in the lining of most canned products)

3. Healthy Fats – Ovaries depend on unsaturated fats for hormonal balance and fertility. Perfect choices are deep water fish, avocado’s, raw nuts & seeds and unrefined, unfiltered oils like Flax Seed and Olive oil. Flax is especially important as it contains lignans, which balance hormones and stabilize estrogen/progesterone ratio. Added bonus is soft, supple skin, reduced wrinkles and lush hair!

4. Probiotic Rich Foods – Enzyme and Probiotic rich foods not only help with digestive balance but also support the immune system and help with radiant skin in addition to metabolizing and recycling hormones (this is a good thing!) Natural, vegetarian choices are preferred over commercially sold yogurts. Good options are Kim Chi or other types of cultured veggies, kombucha and kefir.

Published February 24, 2012 at 2:25 PM

About Angelina Helene

Angelina Helene is holistic nutritionist and cleansing specialist and founder of Wholistic Revolution, helping individuals obtain a vibrant life through a balanced approach through eating and lifestyle. Angelina credits her lifestyle choices including juice fasting, yoga, meditating and a positive attitude in helping to overcome late stage Lyme disease.

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