Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What is a yoga retreat and why would I want to go?

Several of you have expressed interest in a yoga retreat but are unsure of what exactly it entails. I want to hopefully shed some light onto what the experience could bring to your practice and to your own self exploration.

Q: Why go on a yoga retreat?
-You can go to deepen your practice by practicing multiple times in a day. My retreat will be taught in a way that you can explore the poses more deeply in each class. Classes will be themed. For example a whole class could be focused on hip opening and we will work the poses in ways that allow you to understand more about your hips anatomically and experientially.
-It is a great way to meet other people that are interested in yoga and personal growth.
-It can be a nice way to get away for a reset and recharge for yourself. You can spend time away from class alone if you desire.
-It is a mini vacation with the addition of yoga!

Do I need to be a extravert or know a lot of people going?
-Not at all. You can hang out with others in between classes or spend the time in your room, on walks, hikes, etc. Your time away from class is your own. You do not have to eat with the group either.
-Often, you will meet like minded people that you may enjoy getting to know and socialize with.

Can I do all the classes in one day?What if I am new to yoga?
-The classes are structured so that you can attend all of them. The morning class is the most energetic but there are always options to tone down. The afternoon class is more mellow and grounding. The night class is a restorative class and will focus on calming your mind and body. Poses will be seated or supine/prone and will be very relaxing as well as allowing for deep stretching. The late classes also focus on breath work and meditation. All levels are welcome. With me knowing the group that is present at each clas, I can provide more hands on and personal assistance to meet you where you are.

Do I need to come for the entire retreat?
No, you can come for a day or the entire weekend. Pricing is based on the day although you can choose to attend only 1 class per day if you wish. Really, you can do whatever you like. :)

If I do not want to stay in shared housing where can I stay?
There are multiple hotels, bed and breakfasts and vacation rental houses in Cannon Beach and the surrounding areas. You can stay wherever you like or drive down for the day.

What is shared housing like?
-You can choose to share a room (with twin beds) or have your own room in a home. Both homes have a hot tub, bathrooms and a full kitchen. Bathrooms will be shared. The homes are located in Cannon Beach.

Where is the yoga held?
The yoga is held a local studio, Cannon Beach Yoga Arts. We have rented the studio for the times of our classes. We cannot use the facility outside those times.

What if I do not have a car?
Several people including myself will have a car to transport you to and from the studio. I can also help arrange rides to the retreat and home if that is needed. Just let me know.

What will the class themes be?
I am working on that now and will publish soon!

Is there a max for the retreat?
Yes. We are capped at 20 (being a tight squeeze).

What if I am on a tight budget?
Please write or call so I can work with you.

If you have further questions please let me know via email (jill@jillcasepdx.com) or post a comment!

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