Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Change is in the air...

Spring made its grand appearance in my life this year by sparking some changes in my schedule! I realized that I was spreading myself too thin and not allowing time to focus on my most important intentions. It is easy to get comfortable in our habits and schedules so that we just assume that what is= what is supposed to be. I find that in my life often an honest look at what are my intentions and how am I feeding them serves me well! I realized for me that expending so much energy teaching so many formats at so many places was not allowing me enough creation time and focused energy at what I am truly trying to grow in my work and my classes. It was a hard decision to wrestle with but in the end I feel that these changes will allow me to expand and to nourish what I am truly passionate about.

As of April, 7th I will no longer be working for 24 Hour Fitness. I have enjoyed teaching all the fun, athletic classes there for years and I will miss my classes dearly. I will enjoy focusing more on mindful movement based classes that allow me to keep my own pace slower.

As of April 11th, I will only be teaching my 9a Hatha Yoga class at OHSU March Wellness. Unfortunately, I was offered some classes that conflicted with my Tuesday evening classes. I have also decided to give up my Bootcamp class in light of my pursuit to streamline what I am teaching. My Pilates and Power Vinyasa classes were so joyful to teach and it was the hardest decision to make to have to give them up. Those of you that have been attending, thank you for your amazing support and energy. I hope I will be back on the schedule in time slots that work for me soon or I hope you will come visit me at Yoyo or Root.

As of April 15th, I am now teaching a 5:45p-7p Tuesday and Thursday Vinyasa class at Root Whole Body in NE Portland. I have been subbing at Root and I am excited to join the team on a permanent basis. This is a beautiful wellness facility that allows me to teach my most authentic yoga classes. I will also be teaching an Introduction to Yoga class every first Saturday from 1:30-3:30p. This is a great class to learn about what yoga is and the foundations. We will explore poses but also "yoga talk" and Q&A. It is a great class for those that have started yoga but really know nothing about the practice. This will be taught from a very exclusive perspective!

I am also opening up more time in my office for movement one on one sessions, intuitive energy sessions and for planning workshops and making more aromatherapy products!

Lots of good things to come! I hope that maybe this introduction of spring will spark your fire to ignite some changes in your life that will allow for growth and expansion for you!

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