Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Yoga Pants dilemna

By request of a participant in one of my yoga classes...
Yoga pants are everywhere. How the heck does one sort out which ones are worth our hard earned money? Considering that I live in yoga pants most days I feel that hopefully I can provide some guidance. This is only my opinion based on my experience of course.

Tip #1: Good yoga pants are not cheap but worth it. Buying what is cheapest will result in a pile of them in your drawer that you never wear because they fit horribly and are not comfortable nor cute.
Tip #2 :Check out local studios for sales. You save on shipping and support local business.
Tip #3: Try on a few brands to find a brand that really fits you well and then splurge and buy a good pair. Maybe start with one and go from there. Honestly, I wear mine more than once before washing them. Just being honest.  Some brands are not built for some frames. It will really depend on your body.

My favorite all times pants are by Beyond Yoga. Yoyo Yogi sells them as well as Yoga Pearl and I am sure many other studios in the Portland area. These pants are flattering, feel amazing and are offered in many styles and colors. I have had some of mine for several years. I would sleep in them if it were not weird. I know both of the studios I referenced have sales on their apparel so you can often find them on sale locally. These pants stretch well yet maintain their form. LOVE them!

Lululemon has a large variety of styles, patterns, colors and such. They also have a great sale rack.  You are gonna pay though. I feel their pants last a reasonable length of time. You must care for them carefully to allow this to happen. No dryers!

Lucy has a large variety as well. They have a much larger sale rack. Their pricing is slightly better than Lululemon. I feel the wear is about the same as any other pants..but again you must take care of them. My older Lucy pants would last me many years...I think they were on to us and more recent pairs do not go that long.

Prana is another good brand. Not as many options but some good solid ones for a great price. There is a local store here too to try them on. I am an Influencer with them and have had several of my pants for more than a couple years. The fit is good and some of their materials are really super soft. Yoyo Yogi and Yoga Pearl also carry this brand.

I am sure there are other brands that are equally amazing but these are the brands that I wear and enjoy. I have some other fun yoga pants with some groovy patterns but they are not the best fit and they are not as comfortable so I trade that for style I guess. :)
Happy shopping!

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  1. Thank you Jill! The article was great and TOTALLY HELPFUL!