Saturday, January 21, 2012

NY Times:Yoga Can Wreck Your Health.(Here Are 7 Ways To Avoid It)

NY Times: Yoga Can Wreck Your Health.” (Here Are 7 Ways To Avoid It)

Here is a follow up article to the one I posted before from the new York times. I think he makes some valid points. The first is that the ego does not belong on the mat..stay with your level and respect your body. The second is that yoga does not have to be only asana...we can meditate and breathe and that can also be yoga. While I like a more vigorous yoga practice I do often find depth and healing by slowing down and actually letting the poses sink in. I find that I tend to listen to my body more when I am not rushing through the poses. Then there are days that I need a tough practice to slow down my mind. What I take away from both of the recent articles is that the term "yoga" can mean many things to many different people. As long as your yoga benefits you and that you perform it consciously...what does it matter what others think?

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