Sunday, November 20, 2011

Yoga Practice of the Week-Grounding

With fall here lots of things are moving..the leaves, the wind, the temperatures. This is considered Vata time in ayurveda. With all the wind movement, we need some grounding in our asana practice in order to feel secure and stable. Here is a nice practice that will not take you long but can help you ground in and breathe.

1. Easy pose (crossed legged or sitting on a block). Alternate nostril breath work without the hands (crazy I know!): Breathe in through the left nostril (just mentally focus your breath there) and out through the right nostril. Breath in through the right nostril and out through the left nostril. Repeat for 5 rounds. Lengthen your breath and focus on full belly breaths. Allow your hands to touch the ground for this breath work in order to assist you in feeling the earth.

2. Sun Salutations (traditional hatha style without the jump backs)4-5 rounds ** For photos
3. Malasana (Garland Pose-variation) Stand with your legs wide and toes turned out slightly and squat down. Heel can be on a blanket if they do not come naturally to the earth. 10 breaths
4. Tree Pose 10 breaths on each leg
5. Utkatansa (Fierce Pose/Chair Pose) 10 breaths
6. Uttanasana (Forward fold)10 breaths
7. Supine twist (On your back: drop knees to one side and then the other)10 breaths
8. Happy Baby Pose 10 breaths
9. Savasana (Corpse Pose) Stay warm!5 minutes

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