Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pose of the week-Guha "Hidden Pose" 11-21-11

I have recently found this pose in my personal classes with Lisa Mae at the Bhaktishop in SE Portland. I tried to find a photo of this pose and I was out of luck. It may be fun to see how I can describe this pose and then perhaps I will post a personal photo soon and you can see how well I did. :)This pose is called hidden pose because you block your eyes-restricting the visual senses. You are left to feel and see the pose from the inside.

This pose is similar to utkatasana. To begin, sit back into a chair like squat and bring your forearms to the outsides of you thighs close to your knees. Rest your belly on the tops of your thighs. Bring the palms to cover your eyes with the tops of your fingers resting near the crown of your head. Keep the weight in your heels and squeeze the thighs together with your arms.

This pose is an excellent reminder that our practice is not just what we see from the outside but it is what we connect with and feel from the inside..what the eyes cannot see!

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