Sunday, November 20, 2011

Letting mantra for now

If you have been in my classes lately, you will notice that I am using a theme in my classes for this holiday season. It is "Letting Go" I am taking my exploration through the chakras and considering how each chakra can teach us how to let go of things in our life that no longer serve us. For me this has been a healing process and one which is not easy. I am a by nature controller and like to plan, prepare, and feel like I am directing the course of my life. I get anxious when my plans are crushed and I get irritated when people do not act like I need them to...I mean I had it all planned out! To be honest though all that needing to control is really exhausting. I am left feeling like superwoman needs a vacation and a secret potion of super energy that no amount of green tea can do for me. Truly for me to truthfully see what no longer serves me I have to recognize the additions to control that I possess so that I can start to loosen my grip on my life and open my life to new possibilities and wonderful surprises that even I cannot plan. Letting go and trusting...sounds easy..but boy it is challenging. Will you take the holiday detox challenge with me? What no longer serves you? What are you giving your energy to so that you are left feeling depleted? Perhaps by letting go of these things we allow our energy to remain in us so that we can feel more gounded, centered and true to who we are. Here is something I was given in my yoga retreat that spoke to me:

Let it Go
Let go of the ways you thought life
would unfold; the holding of plans
or dreams or expectations – Let it
all go. Save your strength to swim
with the tide. The choice to fight
what is here before you now will
only result in struggle, fear, and
desperate attempts to flee from the
very energy you long for. Let go.
Let it all go and flow with the grace
that washes through your days whether
you receive it gently or with all your
quills raised to defend against invaders.
Take this on faith: the mind may never
find the explanations that it seeks, but
you will move forward nonetheless.
Let go, and the wave’s crest will carry
you to unknown shores, beyond your
wildest dreams or destinations. Let it
all go and find the place of rest and
peace, and certain transformation.

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