Monday, November 21, 2011

The wonders of Ghee

Until a couple of years ago I had no clue what "ghee"(clarified butter) was. I was a vegan and anything to do with butter was uninteresting to me but this peaked my interest. I learned about the health benefits of ghee as I started reading about Ayurveda (India's 5,000 year old medical system) and decided to try it. I was first hooked on its flavor..wishing it tasted really healthy so I would not want to spread it on everything and anything..however, that was not the case. Its flavor is so rich and creamy that you will start inventing things that need some ghee...believe me. Not only is it tasty but it is amazing for your body in so many ways. Here is what Vasant Ladd (well known and respected Ayurvedic practitioner) suggests the health benefits of ghee to be:
-increases digestive fire and improves absorption and assimilation
-nourishes body tissues
-strengthens the brain and nervous system
-improves memory
-lubricates the connective tissue and makes the body more flexible
-supports immunity

Ghee can be ingested alone or used to spread on food for flavor. You can also cook with it. It can also be placed in the nasal passages to assist with dryness this time of year. You can also spread it on the body as a lotion for dry skin.

Where do you buy ghee? New Seasons, Whole Foods, Indian grocery stores, online or you can make it. I made some today and it is very easy and much cheaper than purchasing it!
Recipe to follow...try it and see what you think.

Note: Ghee is not recommended for those who are obese or who have high blood pressure. Check with your health care practitioner if you are unsure about using ghee.

Information from The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies, Vasant Ladd

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