Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Discipline of Practice in your Yoga

"The most important part of any spiritual practice is doing it. That is why we should always just “do the practice” and not be overly concerned with or focused on what we think the results might be, or even on our own state of mind. The truth is, it can’t be what we think! It just is! It is not up to us to create it—we are simply cleaning the mirror of our hearts so we can see the reflection of our own true face without distortion."
=Krishna Das

Yoga is part of my spiritual practice. Even if it is not a part of yours, this advice can be taken and applied to your yoga practice.  We can come to our mats without the focus of "what will it do for me?" or our own agendas of what we think we need to do or accomplish and just do the work. We just come and practice and remain open to what happens. When we spend enough time on our mat, our mat can become that mirror that reflects the interior of what lies within us. We see the good, the bad and the ugly but truly it is all the same soul...just our flawed interpretation of what we think we need to be. If we can look honestly at what we see with compassion we see that that bright image of ourselves that is nothing short of pure beauty. On the physical level, we start to see that the practice of the effort and the journey of understanding our body is just as fun and interesting as the destination of achieving any goal or result of the practice.

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