Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Change it up!

Lately, the theme for me is to "change it up"! Do you ever feel stagnant with your workouts, your goals, your daily routine, your relationships? I sure do. As I have started my new job and am able to focus more on my personal workouts and fitness, I have noticed that I have become a creature of habit. I tend to do the same things week after week and after some time...they just don't deliver the same results. I have decided to shake it up a bit.

Today, I trained with one of the trainer's at the Hollywood 24 Hour Fitness (Jonathan). Being a personal trainer myself I really never have done this because I figure "I know what I am doing. I can just make up my own workout". Problem is that we never push ourselves the same that someone else can. This is true with my yoga. My home practice is a joke compared to the effort I put forth in a class. Well, this was apparent today when the trainer kicked my *#@^! Wow! He pushed me way beyond my comfort zone and it felt good to shake things up. It felt good to see where my mind wanted to say "enough" although my body could obviously go on. It also felt good to dance in the unknown and not be in control of my workout. I said stop and he said go on. I had to surrender and just go for it...and I could do it.

No one likes change and habit can feel good because we know it. Nothing sparks a fire like change and uncertainty and a fresh challenge. So, maybe you can "shake something up" this week. Here are some ideas:
-Try a personal training session
-Try a new workout (new class, new yoga teacher/style)
-Try a new activity for fun (dance lessons, take a class on a topic that interests you, read a different type of book, invite a friend to lunch that thinks different than you)
-Challenge yourself to do something that has always inspired you and go for it
-Write down a new goal and a plan to get you there and start. Try to make it a short term goal.
-Make a comittment to try to do something for one week. Ex: Drink 8 glasses of water, give up sweets, give up dairy, eat 1 additional serving of veggies each day, call one friend or family member each day to catch up, give up tv for a week or computer time and do something else.
Good luck!

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