Sunday, June 24, 2012

Challenge for the Week-Start Green

Lately, you will notice a lot of my posts are on green smoothies and juicing and the benefits of an alkaline diet. Now that summer is technically here, those of us that try to "eat with the seasons" can enjoy all types of fresh produce that is local. One great way to get more veggies and fruits is to start with them in the morning instead of waiting until dinner to notice that you have had 1/2 serving of each.  My philospohy with this is to try to add them wherever you can so that you make it achievable.

Breaking the fast of the night's slumber is important to do the right way. Starting off your day with a healthy breakfast can be such powerful fuel for the day. It is like filling up your gas tank. Do you want to fill it with sugar and acidy breads and dairy or with alkaline greens which have so much energy that you can tap into now? My challenge for you is to start green. Try a smoothie or green juice right after your hot water in lemon drink. If you need more fuel then perhaps follow with some  steel-cut oatmeal, nuts or something that is nutrient dense. 

Here are my 2 green start recipes for the week:

The Healthy Green Drink
1 bunch watercress
1 green apple
1 lime peeled
1/4 cucumber
4 mint leaves
1 banana (optional)
Fill blender with ice or water and add ingredients.

* Watercress adds a nice spiciness while the mint and cucumber cools it down. Watercress is high in iron, iodine, vitamins A, C and E and folate.

The Liquidate
2 c dandelion greens
3-4 dates (pitted)
2 tsp raw almond butter
1 c coconut water
1 c blueberries (frozen or fresh) * can sub raspberries
 Add first two ingredients. Blend until smooth, adding water and coconut water as needed. Add fruit and almond butter.
* Note this one is a good liver purifier! Dandelion greens are rich in beta-cartene, vitamin A, fiber, Potassium, Iron, calcium, magnesium, B vitamins, and was ranked #4 is the most nutrient rich green veggie. It is knows as the disorder herb!

I also add to all my shakes: Maca powder, bee pollen and flax oil. Maca tastes similar to a malty taste. I found all my greens at New Seasons Market.

Try the challenge and let me know how you feel. :)

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