Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Yoga Retreat Bliss

I am on a plane as I write from Tulum. The yoga retreat was beyond amazing. I am always amazed that Tulum can enchant me more each time I visit and that it seems to hypnotize me from routine and my modern life. This trip was healing and yet invigorating. The group was perfect and we enjoyed each other's company tremendously. Getting to know people on a deeper level especially in the midst of such a beautiful environment is such a treat.

The trip also renewed my love for teaching yoga and for my journey to constantly deepen my own pratice. I cannot ask for more! We had three classes a day of yoga...over 4 hours of yoga daily! We started each day with a beach side meditation which was the perfect way to wake up! We had three healthy and delicious meals following our practices...we were well fed. We took the most amazing excursions. The first one was a bike ride to the Tulum ruins. It was on top of the rocky beach cliffs overlooking a beautiful beach and ocean. We swam in the lovely turquoise sea after touring the Mayan ruins. The next trip was a snorkeling trip to the Dos Ojas Cenotes. I cannot even begin to describe how amazing seeing these underground caves filled with fresh water could be! It is like an underground world of beauty and amazement. The last excursion took the cake...a tour of some Mayan ruins that are not open to the public outside Tulum in the biosphere and then a boat ride through the fresh water turquoise lagunas to float down a 2 kilometer fresh water channel in the jungle of the biosphere. It was peaceful, private and magical. We could not believe how lucky we were to experience it all.

The rest of the days were filled with beach walks, massages, lounging and doing whatever we liked. It was just hard to describe how fun it all was! As I fly back to reality and eagerly await seeing my daughter I am feeling so blessed to be able to share my love of yoga with others and to be able to unite those of us that love yoga with a retreat for our souls! I think we all come home changed and transformed for the good...and that is the power of a yoga retreat. Come join us in 2013!

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