Sunday, May 6, 2012

New Beginnings...

For those of you that have not heard, I recently accepted a full time job with 24 Hour Fitness as a club manager.  I am excited, scared and in shock at this next step. For the last almost 2 years I have been working for a company as the director of an internal consulting group. I have been traveling the country during the week and then changing hats to a yoga and fitness instructor on the weekends. Meanwhile trying to spend time with my little one and manage my personal life. It has been interesting and yet exhausting. I knew a few months ago it was time to move on and make a change. I was not sure what this change would end up being but my desire was for it to be in the field of my and wellness. This job came to me and for now it looks like the next best step. Unfortunately, it entails me only working for 24 Hour Fitness. I am having to give up my classes and the Riverplace Athletic Club and Bethany Athletic Club. This is a huge, scary step for me as these classes have been the source of such joy for me for many years. Those of you in my class are so dear to me and I have been blessed by your presence! The thought of not being in class on Saturdays and Mondays is quite odd and sad to me..but as I learn in my life time and time again..nothing ever stays the same.

This lesson of impermanence is a tough one I struggle with.. I seem to find things I love and then I hold on tight because, let's be honest who likes losing things we love and things that give us joy? But then things that seem new and different and uncomfortable are avoided and sometimes these are the very things that send us to levels of joy and growth that were previously unfathomable. We cannot grow if we stay hidden in our comfort zones..staying stagnant is not safe it is just ignorance that we are clinging to. The joys and the good times in life will never always be there and in the same token the sad and tough times do not remain forever either. Life is an ebb and flow of hard and good times and loss is a part of life for everyone. I can understand this on a mental level but still it seems hard to sometimes make those necessary changes. Although my current situation was stagnant and needed a change I am afraid of giving up those classes that were such sources of joy but truly that is just my fear and clinging to the comfortable. Perhaps I will not find classes in which I love and adore as much again but perhaps I will find another source of joy that is equal or surpasses this one. Really I do not know and there is no certainty about any of it but it is a part of the cycle. I must step forward to continue to grow and learn and there will be loss along the way and that is just the cycle of life.

So to those of you I must say good bye to soon..thank you for your part in the blessings. I honor and feel much grattitude for our time together. As Dr.Suess says, "Don't cry because it is over. Smile because it happened." I will smile because I have such happy memories that remain with me.

My last BodyPump class at Riverplace will be 5/14
My last BodyPump at Bethany will be 5/12
My last Yoga classes at the Riverplace will be 5/12

Yogis, at 24 Hour Fitness, I will continue to see you Sunday nights and perhaps even more in future days. :)

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