Thursday, March 1, 2012

Yoga Pose of the Month: Eagle Pose (Garudasana)

I selected this pose because of the meaning that this pose has had to me recently. This is a challenging standing posture that stretches the hips, shoulders and upper back while strengthening the legs and ankles. Concentration is cultivated by drawing the attention inward as you squeeze your thighs, abdominals and palms together. All your energy is focused within rather than projected outward. With this internal energy fired balance can be found. In this pose, we open the back of the heart, our area for accepting and opening ourselves up for love, change, whatever is needed yet we do it from a place of strength and balance. The eagle represents Lord Vishnu's vehicle(The God that rules over balance), The lord of the bird's, the eagle can also represent our transition in life from being tied to earthly desires (represented by the cobra) to being evolved into more spiritual aspirations. The eagle is our transformation vehicle into a more balanced life.

Benefits of this pose:
-low back aches

Place a block beside the standing leg and allow the top foot to rest on the block for balance.
You can also use a wall for balance.
Tight shoulders that prevent you from the bound arms? Cross your elbows and place your palms on your shoulders.

-Try a fold, placing your elbows below or at your knee
-Move from the twist to a twisted side crow with the same eagle legs.

More tips for how to get into the pose: Click on the title of this article.
-Ensure you squat low like in chair pose to start. Press your sit bones down and widen them. Draw your naval in and lift your heart. Integrate your shoulders into their sockets and lift your elbows to shoulder height to deepen the stretch.



  1. Most of the time I practice this pose I am surrounded by gold sparkles. After mush research I'm realizing its my higher self, the gold sparkles I mean. Its trying to tell me something : )

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