Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Power of Deep Breathing

By Jayme Barrett
Paying attention to your breathing is one of the fastest ways to become calm, centered, and energized. Have you noticed that when you feel anxious, excited, or fearful, your breathing becomes choppy, quick, and shallow? The key is to breathe fully, deeply, and slowly. As you inhale, let your stomach expand and fill your lungs with air. Do the same as you exhale. Your stomach goes in first, and then your lungs contract as you let the air out.

When you feel stressed during the day, stop everything and breathe deeply. You will compose yourself, bring in vital energy, and get off the “fast track,” if only for a few priceless moments. Practicing yoga is a powerful way to become conscious of your breathing and to balance your body, mind, and spirit. A few simple stretching poses coinciding with deep breaths will release unwanted tension.

If you need some inner answers to a difficult situation in your life, breathe properly; then ask for guidance. Your mind will be less jumbled, and you will be able to actually hear the guidance.

Below is a powerful breathing exercise that I share in my book Feng Shui Your Life offered by one of my teachers, Master Stephen Co. His book, The Power of Prana: Breathe Your Way to Health and Vitality offers a myriad of ways to invite Prana (life force energy) into your body.

Below are simple instructions for Pranic Breathing.
•Gently place your tongue on the roof of your mouth. This helps circulate energy throughout the body.

•Inhale through your nose for six counts.

•Hold your breath for three counts.

•Exhale through your nose for six counts.

•Hold your breath for three counts.

•This 6-3-6-3 breathing completes one cycle.
You can do pranic breathing during meditation, on a walk, or in your car. You can use it to absorb energy in nature. Whenever you are feeling low on energy, practice pranic breathing for twelve cycles, and you will feel refreshed.

Published March 15, 2012 at 3:40 PM
About Jayme Barrett

Jayme Barrett is a feng shui consultant in Los Angeles and the best-selling author of Feng Shui Your Life. Specializing in techniques for personal fulfillment, prosperity and integrated health, her philosophy is simple and effective. When one displays symbols of beauty, abundance, success and love within their home and work environment, it creates a manifestation of the life they want to live: a blueprint for their destiny. Jayme has appeared on The Today Show, E!, HGTV and has received feng shui praise from actresses Mary Steenburgen, Sela Ward, and Alyson Hannigan as well as authors Mark Victor Hansen and Tony Robbins.

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