Saturday, December 10, 2011

Need some ZZZz Please!

Trouble getting that much needed rest? I myself have been having some issues with all my traveling to the east coast and time zone switches. Sleep is so important and when we are not getting good rest we pay! If you are like me , I eat worse when I do not sleep and I get headaches and feel fatigued. I do not have to sell you on the benefits of sleep. How about some tips for getting some good sleep?

- Deep breathing and meditation before bed. I like to do about 5 minutes of deep breathing on my back or comfortably seated. I like alternate nostril breathing or even breathing just in through the left side and out through the right side. This is a calming breath. I sometimes take a moment and imagine myself sleeping peacefully and awakening refreshed. Mind over matter. Sometimes just slowing down is what we need. Especially if you have been working on the computer or dealing with kids or anything that has really perked your mind up.
- Legs on the Wall Pose. See my pose of the month section for how to get into this pose. Try to stay here for about 10 minutes. You can do your breath work in this pose too! I sometimes do this pose in bed with my legs on the headboard.
-Drink a nighttime tea. Traditional Medicinals has one called Nighty Night that I like and Yogi Tea has a bed time, and a Stress Relief tea that is great.
- Journal. Let your mind wind down by getting all your thoughts on paper. Try not to sensor your writing just write to write.
-Drink glass of warm milk with 1/2 tsp nutmeg. This is an ayurvedic remedy for sleep.
-Rub warm oil on the soles of your feet and massage the bottom of your feet.
-Soak your feet in warm water with a little lavender oil. This will help to draw the energy down from your head and will stimulate relaxation.
-There are several homeopathic OTC remedies for sleeplessness that you can buy at most grocery stores but especially New Seasons.
-Try acupuncture! These practitioners can really help you treat what is causing you to lose sleep. He or she can also prescribe appropriate herbs.
-Ensure you are not eating a couple hours at least before retiring to bed. Your digestive tract should be resting instead of working while you sleep.

I hope these tips help you sleep in peace!

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