Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Changing Routines..

I realized it has been quite some time since I have posted on my blog. It is amazing to me how quickly time can evaporate even when you are intending to "slow down". I confess I have not been writing because I have been in the process of changing routines and trying to listen more to my body's direction and that has required me to be on many hikes in the woods. I realized that although my routines were filled with really "good" things. They were habits that I sunk into that allowed me to "check out" of what my body was asking for and allowed my mind to direct what I "should do". We all love our habits whether it is going to a class you love, drinking a morning cup of tea or coffee, reading before much of our days can be filled with habitual things..even washing the dishes. I am not saying that we should all throw all of our habits out the door. Habits are good for creating efficiency in our life, giving us something to help create ease for ourselves as we rest in the familiarity. Where I think we miss some beauty and some spontaneity is when we stop asking ourselves "Is this still working? Do I really enjoy this? What does this do for me? Is there something else that can do this? Am I attached to this thing? I found that all of the sudden I really needed more outside time. I was not feeling the same connection that I was previously experiencing in some of my activities and I realized that some of my choices were costly time wise and yet still something felt missing. I decided for a week that I would wake up and ask myself about each choice and feel out what I wanted to do. I was shocked to find that everyday something different arose. Yet from each new choice came a new type of connection to listening and hearing my body's voice. Some days instead of yoga, I went for a hike. Some days I stayed home and wrote in my journal and did a home practice. Some days I was really tired and didn't do anything but rest. I even started running again and reconnected to a previous habit in a more mindful way that I had left about a year ago. It has been a really amazing unfolding!

I guess my point in sharing all of this is that our body really does communicate with us its needs and the wisdom about what we need to feel balanced in our own unique way. Just because you read that you need X amount of exercise every day doesn't mean that it has to look like the magazine articles (in the gym gutting it out on the treadmill for 30 minutes-1 hour). Many of us that give lots of energy in our daily jobs can end the day really "spent" energetically and we actually need to "take in" some energy through more nurturing activities like walking in the woods, gentle yoga or just taking a break to sit down and rest our minds and bodies. Some of us that sit lots of the day need to release some energy and get it moving so a more active yoga, run, active hike, etc is just what we need. We just have to get out of our head and listen and tune into what is really for our spirit and try to soften the voices of habit and "shoulds".

This is a great time to practice this during Mercury retrograde which just started last weekend. This is the planet of communication and connection to our thoughts. When this planet is retrograded the habits of communication and our means can throw us for a loop. This is a great time to explore what thoughts and what types of communication with others and our body are not working. Where are we being challenged to prune?

So here's to changing things up a bit in whatever ways are meaningful!

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