Sunday, April 20, 2014

What is an intuitive energy session?

I consider myself an intuitive energy translator. I am able to read and interpret the body energetically and then translate that to you in meaningful ways. I also act as a channel for the spirit guides that wish to assist us with our physical experience.

Why would you come for an energy session?
When a client comes to see me usually they are working on an area of pain or discomfort in their physical body, have unresolved emotions that they are unsure how to release, feel stuck or dispassionate about their life, or posses a desire to feel more peaceful in how life unfolds. Some just feel disconnected to their soul, their purpose, their inner knowing and intuitive self. Really you can come for any reason that makes you want to ask the question why or fosters a desire to move on with your life in a greater state of connection and joy.

What is the session like?
I start with a foot bath of various salts and essential oils. We start by talking about goals of the session or what is on your mind or what you are feeling currently. Please see my how to prepare for a session section on my website to ensure we have the best success for your intentions.  It is helpful if you know what you want to cultivate or release. For example, I want to feel less stressed. I want to be inspired. I want to feel less emotionally unstable. I start sensing your energy and I am led by what your body tells me.  I will channel information from your spiritual guides. These guides will sometimes talk to you directly through me or they will pass along helpful information to me about you or suggestions for your well being. I will start helping your body release stagnant energy, old habits, stuck emotions and such by touching your feet or body either directly or indirectly or by allowing you to hold crystals, mudras or by using your intention. Truly, each person and session is unique as I am guided by what makes you feel at ease and what will work best for you that day.

How will I feel after a session?
Some people feel very relaxed right after similar to a massage and some feel sleepy, tired and feel the need to go home and rest.  Others feel energized and grounded. Everyone responds differently. I advise not having to go back to work or to workout or doing anything stressful or strenuous after a session. Sessions work best if you can arrive and depart without having to rush. The next day and following days you may experience some soreness or heightened states of awareness in your body. I compare this to doing a new workout and being sore the following day. You may also find that you experience vivid dreams after the sessions as well.

How long will it take to "work"?
Each person of course in unique in their readiness to make positive changes their your lives.  After the session you will have some tools to work with on your own to continue you healing process. Sessions are team work between me as your guide/translator and you as the director/captain of your healing process. I am not present to "heal" you or "fix" you but to help you clearly open to yourself in the present and to compassionately identify obstacles that prevent you from experiencing your true self.

What is my role in the session?
Your role is to remain aware and present in whatever you are experiencing. You can ask questions or share what you are experiencing or you can be inside with your experience. At times I will give you directions or suggestions to assist in moving energy. Sometimes you are only to hold to space or to set the intention.

How is this type of work similar to massage or other therapeutic body work?
Many different modalities work on the energetic body. My sessions are are similar to a massage or an acupuncture session but with the massage often happening without direct touch and with more awareness at times as to what the physical sensations of tightness, pain, etc are related to on an emotional or experiential level. You may feel afterwards similar to a massage or acupuncture. As with any healing modality your openness and belief in your ability to manage your energy and heal your body is the key.  The physical body is your reflection of how you are managing your energy.

Can you do phone sessions or sessions at my home?
Yes! I can work with you to accommodate your situation.

More information is on my website!

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