Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Exciting News and Changes for my Teaching Schedule

I feel nothing but 100% gratitude for how the puzzles of my class teaching schedule have been perfectly arranged. Here are the changes and new additions to where I will be teaching...
New Class at Yoga Pearl: Starting Tuesday, April 8th I will teaching a Hatha Yoga class. I am so thrilled to be on the permanent schedule at Yoga Pearl! I have been attending yoga at Yoga Pearl since I moved to Portland.  This Hatha class is great if you enjoy a slower paced, alignment focused, mindful practice. Beginners will be comfortable and all levels will be challenged and allowed to explore how you can use the postures and your intention to heal and restore your body!
New Classes at RootStarting Monday, April 14th I will be teaching the Monday and Friday 12-1:15p Vinyasa class. I am so honored to be a part of the Root community. This is such a peaceful and healing wellness center that I am lucky to be able to share my yoga with. I previously announced teaching a Tuesday and Thursday evening vinyasa class but this change is for the better! Please come visit me here and enjoy all Root has to offer. 
Keeping Tuesday classes at OHSU March Wellness: With the changes at Root, I am able to keep my Tuesday classes at March Wellness. This is such a gift as these classes are so special to me!
Thank you to all my 24 Hour friends that have been with me for Body Pump and Cx and Yoga. I will miss your smiling faces each week but I hope you will join me at some of my other locations. 
I really excited for these new shifts to my schedule and for being able to venture into new locations that really excite me! I could not be more honored to be a part of Yoyo Yogi, Yoga Pearl, Root and March Wellness. I truly feel a deep love and connection to the students and  the owners/managers at these places.  I hope that you will come try out some of my new classes!

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